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Govt sector employees not paid ‘fairly’: Abdulsamad ‘Need to conduct study on salaries, fees’

 KUWAIT CITY, Feb 11: Head of the Parliamentary Budget and Concluding Statement Committee MP Adnan Abdulsamad affirmed that the salaries paid to employees in the government sector are not ‘fair’ and that many employees in the government are not treated equal, reports Al-Rai daily. He said the difference in salaries is hugewhether in the salary scale or other specifications, so the sector must conduct a study on the salaries and fees in the country. He stressed the need to consider the employees’ academic certificate, experience and rareness of specification in the salary scale. He indicated the oil sector personnel are not treated fairly in relation to their salaries, and wondered if it’s fair to compare an employee performing his duty at the comfort of his desk to the employee working in the oilfield whose life is at risk. He said the Government Manpower and Restructuring Program and Civil Service Commission and government are responsible for deciding the issue at hand. He wondered why some employees are given the golden handcheque reward, while others receive nothing.

He urged the concerned authorities to allot an appropriate solution to the issue, especially as some top officials are exploiting the situation to obtain bonuses and making official trips that are exclusive to specific groups. While commending the initiative of HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al- Sabah to cut the expenditures of his Diwan, Abdulsamad said some ministers receive huge budgets and expenditures than they need. He urged them to follow the example of HH the Prime Minister. He added many ministers do not comply with regulations governing expenditures, and noted all budgets are subjected to surveillance except the private expenditures of the ministers. He reiterated some authorities classify the training courses they hold as conferences to increase the amount of money allotted for that purpose, as funds apportioned for conferences is bigger than those of the training courses.

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