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Egypt headed toward new presidential age

UNDOUBTEDLY, Egypt is moving towards a new phase today. The presidential election is important as it is about selecting the leader of the country; hence, it is not like any ordinary elections. In fact, majority of the populace know what they want ahead of time. However, this does not stop them from presenting a variety of democratic options, which were part of their demands during the January 25 and June 30 revolutions. The large of number of presidential candidates is a clear manifestation that the Egyptian political movement is good and it has started recovering. It indicates this great nation will achieve miracles and thwart the destructive plans of some groups keen on instigating chaos in the Egyptian society. These plans have been unveiled to everyone, so this great nation has excellently turned the conflict into a democratic exercise; not a conflict of blood, explosions or bombings.

It is true there are indications that Field Marshal Abdulfattah Al-Sisi will be the luckiest candidate in the Egyptian presidential elections in case he announces his plan to run and he will definitely make the announcement at the right time. This does not mean there will be only one candidate in the presidential elections, because millions of Egyptians who took to the streets and squares on June 30 demanded for the elimination of ‘monopoly’ in the political scene.  Actually, they revolted against the Brotherhood Movement’s domination because the gang ascended to power through fraudulent means. This sparked fear among millions of Egyptians that the results of the revolution might be utilized to convert Egypt into dictatorship under the guise of religion.

With these facts in mind, we can say Hamdeen Sabahi made the right move when he announced his plan to run in the presidential elections. Moreover, the multiplicity of candidates reflects a national stance which enhances the opportunities for dialogue. It also prevents anyone from tampering with the will of the people through deception. The Brotherhood members spread lies when millions of Egyptians toppled them, particularly their allegation that what happened on June 30 was a form of revenge. Having more rivals in the presidential elections does not prevent anyone from admitting that Field Marshal Al-Sisi is the luckiest candidate. His people know him even before the Arab countries, particularly the GCC nations, knew him. He disclosed his work program in several occasions. He made the entire Egypt, from East to West and from North to South, as his workshop which requires discipline and achievements.

The General was once quoted as saying, “If the Egyptian nation wants me to become its president, all of us have to wake up at 5:00am to work. We have to agree on eating just one loaf to help Egypt recover from the crisis and achieve its development goals.”  He will not be a protocol president, because such kinds of men do not care about protocols. He learned how to succeed from the military school. He does not need to promote his ideas to his people. The nation, which bestowed trust upon him even before he becomes its president, will warmly welcome his presidential instructions. The one who works by the nation’s order will never disappoint it.

As we approach the presidential elections, let us see several candidates and let the competition be based on the electoral programs; instead of toying with the zeal and emotions of the people. These programs will lay down the best roadmap for the coming phase if the people will unite. By the way, we want to remind the Egyptians that they themselves asked in 2011 for the electoral programs of the candidates to become a roadmap for the winner to carry out. We dare say that the roadmap, through the trust bestowed upon Field Marshal Al-Sisi, will move Egypt to a new era; not just a new phase, because it is the cornerstone of the Arab world. Whatever happens in Egypt affects the entire region. Therefore, when the rule of the Brotherhood members in Egypt collapsed, their plan to dominate the whole Arab world was also shattered. Nevertheless, the Arab renaissance may also start in Egypt.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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