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Traffic cops abuse authority, insult scribe Officers look for publicity

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 9: Kuwaiti broadcaster on Al-Rai TV Saleh Al-Rashed visited Al-Rai daily recently to narrate part of the story about the traffic officers who allegedly abused authority and humiliated him, reports Al- Rai daily.

Al-Rashed said he was intercepted on the Fourth Ring Road due to the clothes he was wearing and then issued a traffic citation after withdrawing his driving license.

He explained the officers had asked him to follow them to Surra police station.

To his surprise, two police officers suggested they would cancel the violation on condition he mentions their names on his program. He added the violation was cancelled after he had given them his word.

He expressed resentment on the action of the officers who are supposed to be setting good example for citizens to emulate

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