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Man shot at in traffic tiff laments police negligence Illegals held in Kabad raid

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 9: An unidentified Kuwaiti man is bitter about the negligence of officers at a police station in Mubarak Al-Kabeer area because they refused to act after two youths fired gunshots toward him, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. The man said he was on the way home when he mistakenly swerved toward a vehicle driven by a youth and his companion, so he apologized and continued driving.

Apparently, the two youths did not accept his apology and forced him to stop. He narrated the youths did not only humiliate him, as one of them threatened him with a pistol and fired a shot toward his head. After the incident, the man lodged a complaint with police officers but they refused to take action unless he had provided information about the youths and their car, so the complainant notified his friends while he waited at the police station for almost four hours.

Meanwhile, friends of the complainant later found the car parked in front of a house, so the man went there by himself and met the father of one of the youths. The father admitted that his son is a troublemaker and he needs to be taught a lesson through punishment. Later on, the youth left the house, called his friends, and attacked the complainant and his companion, resulting in injury to his head, while friends of the youth fired shots indiscriminately in the air. With a sigh of grief, the man said the officers were negligent and irresponsible

Illegals held in Kabad raid : Securitymen of Jahra Directorate apprehended 15 residency violators in a recent raid at Kabad, led by the Security Chief Major General Ibrahim Al-Tarrah. All culprits were referred to the concerned authorities

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