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Bringing Wife & Children on Visit Visa - Salary is below KD 250

I am a regular reader of the Arab Times. Please answer the following question through the Legal Clinic. I am an Indian national and have been working for a Kuwait company for the last 15 months. My basic salary is KD 210. I would like to bring my wife and two daughters — aged 19 and 13 years to Kuwait on a visit visa during the coming school vacations (April-May). Can my company help me in some way? Please detail the procedure through the legal column of the newspaper.

Name withheld

Answer: The company can’t help you in any way and all the efforts in this regard have to be made by you. Secondly, normally you require a salary of at least KD 250 to have your application for a visit visa accepted. But sometimes the immigration officials accept even a lower salary. So just apply for the visas at the immigration department in your area.

To apply for the visit visas, you will need passport copies of the people you wish to call, an affidavit (attested by your embassy and the Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in Shuwaikh, opposite Kuwait Football Club) showing your relation with the people you wish to call, your Civil ID copy and a copy of your flat rental contract. Just attach all the above documents to an application and try your luck. Because of your less than KD 250 salary, it will be difficult to get the visa but not impossible.

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