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GMRP rejects proposal to limit expats’ 5 years stay in Kuwait ‘Several sectors cannot manage sans foreign workforce’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 7: The Government Manpower and Restructuring Program (GMRP) has rejected the proposal to limit the number of years that expatriates can work in the country to five years, indicating that there are several sectors that cannot manage without expatriate workforce despite the Kuwaitization policies in the country.

In a press statement, the Secretary General of GMRP Fawzi Al-Majdali said, “The proposal to limit the number of years for expatriates to work in Kuwait to five years is a hasty and unrealistic proposal that requires more rational deliberation”. Al-Majdali stressed that such proposals cannot be generalized, as they do not serve the ultimate objectives that every sector is striving to achieve based on the vision of HH the Amir of Kuwait to transform the country into a commercial and financial hub in the region.

Al-Majdali stressed that GMRP, in its capacity of collecting data of citizens working in both government and private sectors, strives to support the national labor. However, he insisted that its activities are based on a rational perspective and in accordance with the necessity and stability of the labor market.

He added, “The current situation of Kuwait is such that it cannot manage without foreign workforce or limit the period of their employment in the Kuwaiti labor market. He said, “The current problem in the labor market structure is that the national manpower prefers to work in the government sector and not the private sector”, adding, “The stability of the labor market can be achieved by getting rid of marginalized workforce and visa traders”.

Al-Majdali indicated that the Kuwaitization policy cannot be implemented 100 percent in the government or private sector, as there are some professions and work both sectors cannot eliminate and for which sufficient national manpower is unavailable.

By: Eman Al-Bili Al-Seyassah Staff

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