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MPW, MEW to terminate old-timers ‘Staff must be given notice’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 7: Minister of Public Works and Minister of Electricity and Water Eng Abdulaziz Al-Ibrahim issued direct instructions to the administration affairs departments of both ministries to apply on expatriate employees the decision of Civil Service Commission (CSC) to refer to retirement those employees who spent more than 30 years in service.

Ministerial sources said the minister demanded that the concerned employees must given notice before their services are terminated so that they can settle their legal and financial situations. They revealed that he stressed the importance of implementing the law on both Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates without any discrimination.

The sources indicated that the Cabinet had previously issued a decision to refer to retirement anyone who served for more than 30 years in the government sector in order to give job opportunities to others and bring in young graduates into the government sector

By: Mohammad Ghannam Al-Seyassah Staff

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