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Divided oil sector unions succumb to minister’s threat KPC vows to protect workers rights

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 7: The unions of oil sector employees have succumbed to the threats issued by the Minister of Oil, State Minister of Parliament Affairs Dr Ali Al-Omair who has hinted recently that he will activate the emergency plan to operate the oil companies if these unions support their employees’ strike,” reports Al- Seyassah daily.

“The Union of Kuwait Oil Tankers Company has declared before the chairman of Union Abdulaziz Al- Sharthan that it has suspended the strike until March under the slogan ‘Initiative of good intention’, and that it refuses to participate in that strike. “Accordingly, the minister has extended his appreciation to the union for taking this decision in line with its national role and keenness about the higher interests of the country. “

Urging other unions to follow suit, the minister confirmed that the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) board of directors will spare no efforts to provide positive results to protect the rights, awards and bonuses of the oil sector personnel based on their efforts and the nature of work. “For his part, Al-Sharthan has criticized the statements made by the Oil Minister who has hinted that he will seek the assistance of National Guard, Interior Ministry and personnel from the Al-Khafji Zone to operate the oil sector to prevent any harm being caused to Kuwait, considering this step is a violation of laws saying ‘no international treaty allows this’. “He also lamented the unions of the Kuwait Oil Company, KPC and KOTC for refusing to take part in the strike.”

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