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One of the sculptures at the Rimal City
‘No homes for Kuwaitis in the land of surplus oil’ Vested interests prolong housing crisis

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 6: The Secretary- General of Housing Forum Saud Mourad has cautioned against the ongoing aggressive actions to forestall efforts on finding lasting solution to the housing crisis which is the foremost problem Kuwaitis have been facing, as it affects over 109,000 Kuwaiti families, reports Al- Seyassah daily.

At a press conference, Mourad said recent actions indicate that some people want housing crisis to prolong further by doing everything in their power to forestall lasting solution to the problem. He disclosed the concerned elements ensure continual increase in the prices of real estates to accumulate more wealth and satisfy personal financial interests. He said those people do not bother about the plight of many Kuwaiti families in a country blessed with excess crude oil that places its currency at the forefront of strong currencies globally.

He expressed surprise at the “model” housing conferences emerging in Kuwait suddenly after launching Housing Forum as the official national forum. He explained the forum has the mandate of Public Authority for Housing Care to organize exhibitions and conferences pertaining to housing crisis, so other parallel conferences are only intended to thwart efforts in finding lasting solutions to the crisis. He indicated the forum has been prepared for more than one year, and it was supposed to launch its project in October 2013 to complement the debutant conference held under the auspices of former Minister of Housing Welfare Salem Al-Utheina in December 2013.

He affirmed that the gathering, which had 60 workshops, was the largest in the history of solving housing crisis in Kuwait. Meanwhile, world was exposed to a form of sarcasm among Kuwaitis through the advanced communication methods, particularly at the start of the national holidays as reflected in the hashtags on the need to raise Kuwaiti flags on top of each house posted on various social networking sites recently, reports Al- Qabas daily quoting sources.

Sources revealed a campaign entitled, “Waiting for a House”, was launched through the social networking sites - a move perceived by many as a way to mock the bitter reality in the current situation in the country.

Sources said the hashtags used by the participants in the campaign included the following: #I am a Kuwaiti, #I love my country, #I have a flag and #But I don’t have a house.

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