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Surgery to treat epilepsy Marwa Al-Bahrawi Al-Seyassah Staff

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 5: The Neurology Department in Ibn Sina Hospital organized a press conference recently to announce the use of surgery in treating epilepsy for the first time in Kuwait. The operation will be conducted by a specialized medical team consisting of the head of the department Dr Jassel Al-Hashel, Epilepsy Unit Head Dr Maher Arrabi, Neurology Consultant Dr Feisal Al-Sayer and American University in Beirut Professor Ahmad Beidhuun.

According to Al-Hashel, the Third Neurology Conference will be inaugurated next week in conjunction with the American University in Beirut. He also announced the inauguration of the surgical removal of epilepsy cavity in patients who have been suffering from epilepsy for a long time and do not respond to medications.

He explained the surgery will be conducted after trying other treatments and all necessary tests to determine if the epileptic cavity needs to be removed. Al-Hashel affirmed that, ‘’Kuwait is the first country in the GCC to perform surgery to treat epilepsy. Some countries send their patients abroad due to the absence of such procedure in their health facilities. In the Gulf region, Kuwait is advanced in multiple sclerosis treatment.

In fact, it could be the most advanced country in the Middle East in this field, not to mention its efforts to implant batteries for patients with Parkinson’s disease; therefore, he expects brighter future for Kuwait in this field. On the other hand, Al-Sayer pointed out the new technology on the surgical treatment of epilepsy will be used on seven patients. He also praised the major development that the Neurology Department experienced under the leadership of Al-Hashel, along with his many contributions to the treatment of epilepsy.

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