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‘Solve problems of visitors whose visas are cancelled’ CSC building bound to collapse: Tuweijri

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 5: Chairman of the Expatriate Personnel Section in the Kuwait Union Labor Federation Abdulrahman Al- Ghanim has asked the security authorities to quickly address the problems of foreigners who entered the country on visit visas, which were cancelled upon their arrival, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Appealing to the Interior Ministry, Al-Ghanim hopes the ministry heeds his call to allow those foreigners to leave the country, away from oppression. He pointed out these people should not be treated like criminals as they have not committed any crime.

He also expressed his wish to meet the assistant undersecretary for Passport Affairs and Citizenship to discuss the issue and present solutions, especially since the authorities have included these foreigners in the ‘wanted’ list to be fingerprinted and deported. He stressed the relevant authority issued the visit visas which were stamped officially. He added the federation believes that it is unnecessary to totally depend on security solutions in facing crises. He warned such procedures may tarnish the image of Kuwait in the international community, especially this time when the World Labor Organization Conference, which will be held in June, is fast approaching.

Meanwhile, President of the Union of Workers at Civil Service Commission (CSC) Ali Al-Tuweijri warned of impending disaster and said the building of CSC is bound to collapse at any moment due to certain architectural defects, reports Al-Seyassah daily. According to Al-Tuweijri “anything could happen at this time, and the consequences would be bad”. He indicated the employees are at risk, so the concerned officials must take necessary action now. He also said the union is about to issue a report on the issue, and stressed the need to evacuate the building until the engineers who discovered the hitch have issued a decision to guarantee the building’s safety. He recommended a decision to prevent working inside the building to avoid imminent disaster, noting fissures and cracks in the halls and floors of the building are visible.

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