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The Editor-in-Chief poses with the Field Marshal and other officers
Egypt needs efforts of all to grow Capabilities abound in Egypt … we will lay down a roadmap for development

 KUWAIT CITY, Feb 5: “Egypt needs the combined efforts of everybody to lift it up; so all of us, leaders and followers, should work together,” Egyptian First Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Field Marshal Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said when asked on his vision for the country. In a recent interview, El-Sisi exuded confidence; not just about himself, but also the Egyptians who demand that he should continue with the ‘good deed’. He has no alternative than to heed the call of citizens to file his candidacy in the presidential elections, which will be held in the next few weeks.

El-Sisi bears burden of his country while thinking of the best way to realize the dreams and aspirations of the Egyptians. He said, “Capabilities abound in Egypt with huge returns. It only requires marketing, which is the responsibility of the president, in order to restore confidence of the international community in Egypt.” The Field Marshal is confident that the incidents in Egypt will not affect the citizens or discourage them. He assured the bombings and protests here and there cannot obstruct the journey towards development, because these actions are mere rants of drowning men. El-Sisi is moving towards leading Egypt with determination. He will lead a strong national workshop, based on the trust bestowed upon him by the citizens who should not be disappointed.

During the interview, El-Sisi proved that he is determined to work; similar to his demeanor in an interview a few months ago.

He did not change a bit; while the Field Marshal rank, which the nation’s command honored him with, only made him more humble and passionate for action. Since Egypt is the cornerstone of the Arab world, it could be the reflection of Arab future; especially since he realized the need for Arabs to unite in fighting against terrorism spread in many countries.

Undoubtedly, he concentrates all his efforts in putting Egypt, the home, in order. Despite this, he does not forget about the Arab world, which he describes as “Our Grand Nation”. He said the Arab nations should unite and he is confident that the GCC countries will welcome this idea. Moreover, El-Sisi does not forget the position taken by his brothers towards his country; “especially the initiative of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, as well as the support that Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain and Oman gave to Egypt. The Egyptians will never forget these positions.”

Following is the full text of the interview:

Question: Can we say to the Arab world that you are a candidate for the presidency?

Answer: Yes, it has been decided. I have no choice but to respond to the request of the Egyptian nation. I will not refuse such a request. I will present myself as a candidate for the presidency by renewing the trust of the nation through free elections.

Q: You are aware of the fact that you are presenting yourself as a candidate for the position of a historic leadership; not just the presidency. In the same manner, the dream of the Egyptian nation is big but it is now tired of those who do not work towards the realization of the dream. Are you ready for such a huge responsibility?

A: I trust God and I will not refuse any request to fulfill the wishes of my nation. However, I will ask them to help me because Egypt has a chronic disease which has gotten worse in the last years. This necessitates the contribution of everyone in terms of finding the cure. When I say ‘all’, I mean the authority and the nation. We have to cultivate this land together and plant good seeds in order to relieve this country of all the negative things seen in rulers who wanted to rule it with arrogance and selfishness, away from patriotism and cooperation. Today, Egypt will live a new phase of social and economic behavior; in addition to national dignity.

Q: We noticed that you are concerned with this trust?

A: Yes, God knows that I am concerned with this trust. I hope the achievement meets expectations, particularly in terms of realizing the dream. I will not hide the fact that due to incidents the country witnessed recently; people have endless dreams. This is natural; hence, we have to achieve it and work honestly. Egypt needs honest joint efforts, as the people, including me, suffered due to the actions of those who wreaked havoc in this country. We witnessed how they exploited the country to serve their personal interests, while shattering the dreams of the people and toying with the ambitions of the youths.

Q: What will you say to your nation after taking the constitutional oath?

A: We will not play with their emotions and dreams. I will them that if we have a magic wand, we will ask them to come and to join forces in building the country with 90 million people. In this country, we have huge opportunities which don’t need good marketing, building trust or establishing a clear roadmap to benefit from it. What we need is just an attractive environment for national and international investments. Our vision is clear and people trust leaders who understand the path towards that vision, including the preparation and implementation stages.

Q: Your Excellency, the Marshal, a certain question lingers in the minds of the people: Will security be stable soon or it needs time?

A: The Egyptian security position today is better than before. Today is better than yesterday and tomorrow is another day. What is currently happening in the country is like the rattling of a dying person. This will not affect the determination of the Egyptian nation. Many countries, which are more developed than us and have bigger capabilities, are witnessing similar incidents or worse than what is happening in Egypt; yet, they have a stable life although their positions are more sensitive than us. To tell you frankly, the tranquility of our life will not be spoiled by explosions or rallies here and there. We will soon work towards granting the demands of our nation. We will lay down a development roadmap. We will provide a good and attractive investment environment through developed laws to attract Egyptian, Arab and foreign investments. We will modify our laws to cope with these developments. We need people who are willing and committed to help Egypt. We will ensure the recent incidents will not hinder our journey nor prevent the Egyptians from developing their country. It is true that what is happening is a violation against security; but it is an isolated case. Moreover, the country’s systems spare no effort in controlling it. I dare say that there has been huge success in this domain. Therefore, the violations will not last and they are disappearing gradually.

Q: What do you have on the Arab level?

A: Even if we are busy dealing with internal issues, we cannot forget the Arab world as we are part of this big homeland. It is necessary to establish a union among some countries in the big homeland to control terrorism, which has spread widely in many of these nations. We will call for the formation of an Arab union through cooperation between the countries which continue to suffer due to terrorism. Together, they will wage war against terrorism. I think the GCC countries and others will welcome this union whose goal is, as I said earlier, to control and eliminate the ‘black’ terrorism.

Q: Is cooperation between you and the GCC countries still the same as it was in the previous months?

A: The Egyptian nation will always remember your historic stance and that of other GCC countries. It will also remember the initiative of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and his support to our country. It will also remember his telegraph to us, the Egyptian Army and the Presidency of Egypt; in addition to the Kingdom’s financial support. It will remember the initiative of the United Arab Emirates and its men who visited Egypt to present their generous subsidy. Egypt will remember proudly the support of the State of Kuwait and its people’s emotions; in addition to that of Bahrain and the Sultanate of Oman.

Q: Are you upset about the stance of some big countries on what is happening in Egypt?

A:We trust ourselves first before trusting other people. These countries have several interests in different areas all over the world. As long as these interests do not clash with our interests in the world and the region, as well as our security and internal interests; we do not care about anything. We are now busy building our country in a bid to ‘wake’ it up from its missteps and to keep its dignity.

Q: Renaissance in the history of nations was initiated by leaderships who provoked zeal in spirits and took the responsibility for such an initiative to become an example to their nations. Are we in front of a new phase in Egypt’s history?

A: Yes and we have realized more than this. We realized the truth behind the Egyptians’ dreams and what they want from their country. We know how to employ the gigantic capabilities which are available in this country. As I said before, Egypt possesses huge capabilities whose return is enormous. These capabilities need only to be promoted well. This promotion must be done in tranquility and trust, particularly trust in conventions which the country signs with investors. I perceive that any president should promote his country and its capability by himself, whether among his citizens or other people. I think this will be pivotal in our work in the coming phase. We will hold meetings directly with those who are interested in taking such investment opportunities. It is a big chance and its return is vast, whether on the level of industry, agriculture, tourism, export and import or any other investments. Moreover, the abundance of population will be part of Egypt’s active economy. We need only time. In other words, we need enough time to carry out these plans. We have tremendous desire to do so. As long as there is desire, the road is paved.

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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