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GID proposes to stop transfer of Commercial visit visas to work

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 4: The General Immigration Department (GID) has proposed to stop the transfer of commercial visit visas, which is valid for only one month, to work permits in the private sector, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily quoting informed sources.

They indicated that the General Immigration Department has been coordinating with the Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor regarding commercial visit visas. Sources revealed that the implementation of this proposal is expected to take effect from March 1, adding it can be postponed for two weeks under exceptional circumstances as determined by the officials of the Immigration sector.

They explained that the decision is aimed to stop manipulations including forgery and falsifications observed in commercial visit visa processes, adding that those who are in the country on commercial visit visa will be fined KD 10 per day for overstaying.

They indicated that special regulations will be formulated in coordination with the Labor sector for issuing temporary work permits, which will be applicable for well-known companies and establishments as designated by the Labor sector for their clean record in abiding by the labor laws and regulations.

The sources revealed that intensive meetings are ongoing between the General Immigration Department and the Labor Department for examining and identifying forged and suspicious labor transactions. They added that the violating individuals and companies will be referred to the Public Prosecution and other concerned bodies for necessary legal action against them.

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