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HH the Crown Prince received the State Minister for Housing Yasser Abul, and leading officials in the newly-named state lender
Decision to suspend expatriate academic wins MP’s ‘praise’ Al-Sane prepares draft law on North Zour probe

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 4: MP Abdullah Al-Tamimi expressed his appreciation for the decision taken by the Minister of Education and Higher Education Ahmad Al-Mulaifi and the Director General of Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) Dr Ahmad Al-Atari to suspend an expatriate academic who tried to provoke sectarian chaos among the PAAET teaching staff, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

In a press statement, MP Al-Tamimi said the expatriate was caught dispatching sectarian messages and spreading extremist ideologies against the ‘sons of one homeland’ among the teaching staff in order to destroy the unity of the Kuwaiti nation. He revealed that he received over 80 calls from academic personnel of PAAET requesting him to intervene in the matter in order to stop the individual from sowing seeds of chaos among various groups of the society.

In another development, MP Yacoub Al-Sane’ has prepared a draft law for taking legal procedures to refer the file of North Zour Station to a technical investigation committee. He said the matter necessitates the issuance of a decision to suspend the completion of the relevant contract procedures, as the contract contains some ambiguous clauses that should be reviewed by a technical committee.

Meanwhile, MP Askar Al-Enzi has submitted a proposal to reserve specialists in sign language for the parliamentary sessions, particularly during telecast, to serve the people with special needs, reports Al-Anba daily. He explained that caring for people with special needs is among the priorities of the country to fulfill the principle of providing equal opportunities for all citizens to live freely with dignity. He noted sign language is an accredited global language and widely used during conferences. It is also used by satellite TV channels, schools and institutions in many countries. In other news, MP Mohammad Hadiya says the conflicts among the key members of the ruling family are the main reason behind the political unrest in the country, reports Al-Rai daily.

He asked Minister of Interior to apply the law on all strictly and impartially particularly on the top officials in his ministry, as the ministry has been in the limelight recently for the issuance of 12,000 illegal visas and the liquor theft case from the ministry storehouse. In an interview with Al-Rai TV, MP Hadiya indicated the deterioration of the level of security in the country even though Kuwait is known as a country with security and stability. He further indicated that the government committed a mistake in its recent formation particularly when it failed to re-appoint former minister of Housing Affairs Salem Al-Utheina. He affirmed that the housing issue will not be solved unless the government carries out the plan allotted in this domain through its new minister. MP Hadiya said the Minister of Public Works deserves to be grilled in front of the National Assembly for canceling the tender of establishing four new hospitals without providing rational reasons as well as for the case of the retirement of top officials.

Regarding the scandal of liquor theft, Director General of Kuwait Municipality Eng. Al-Subaih clarified that the role of the Municipality in the process for destroying liquor is to provide necessary vehicles for carrying out the activity in the presence of Public Prosecution, Ministry of Interior and the concerned committee. He added that the Interior Ministry is responsible for collecting the statistics of liquors that are damaged. Regarding the absence of Municipality representatives during the operation of destroying the liquor, he stressed that he will study the case closely. “If it is proven that they did not oversee the operation, they will be referred for investigations and replaced with other employees”, revealed Eng. Al-Subaih

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