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Al-Qardawi the fatwa salesman

UNDOUBTEDLY, the tense situation in the region entails that the Gulf countries must adopt a strong and united stand without any dissonance. Therefore, the explanation of Qatar’s Foreign Affairs Minister Khaled Al-Attiya on the political position of his country was an excellent move; considering the statement uttered by Muslim Brotherhood mentor and spiritual leader Yusuf Al-Qardawi against the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Al-Attiya’s response to the statement of the ‘fatwa salesman’ is in line with the united stance of the Gulf countries against the practices of the Brotherhood terrorist movement in Egypt, some GCC countries and the Arab world. This response led to the closure of all doors, which some people have been trying to use to undermine the unity of GCC countries as they thought the difference of opinion between its members will create a huge crack that will shake its pillars.

It is true that Al-Qardawi’s statement does not and will never represent the foreign policy of Qatar, because what lies between Qatar and other members of the GCC is much bigger than the illusions of the dying politics of a ‘sheikh’ who is hiding his religious bankruptcy through the incitement of sedition between the people of one nation. Over and above that, he stirs sedition between the people of his own country - Egypt. It is then imperative at this point to cover any loophole which might be used by weak souls attempting to instigate unnecessary conflicts in the region.

Without any doubt, when a GCC member gets hurt; the rest feel the pain and they work together to go beyond such situations. Thus, whatever the Muslim Brotherhood Movement was preparing against the UAE also targeted the other GCC States. The statement of Qatar’s foreign minister’s that ‘’the security of Qatar is part of UAE’s security’’ was not flattery. In fact, the statement expressed the reality demonstrated by the GCC countries when some of them experienced crises. Every member-nation is obliged to stand with the others to face the crisis and overcome it.

Consequently, everyone has realized that the statements of some Muslim Brotherhood members are nothing but an attempt by a sick person to shake the hill, which cannot be shaken even by the strongest wind. Will the Al-Qardawi hysteria or any other person shake the hill of the Gulf States’ unity? Anyone who thinks so is delusional.

It is not strange for the wealth of Yusuf Al-Qardawi to reach $3 billion. This man sells ‘fatwas’ without caring if the act will lead to bloodshed or destruction, if someone will be killed in an unjust manner, or if the ‘fatwas’ will support an oppressor over the oppressed. What matters to him is the money he gets from his ‘fatwas’. He shows no remorse, because this is the nature of those who have been fed with the Brotherhood ideology.

This man was nurtured in the swamps of the Brotherhood ideas which formed the ideology of falsehood and terrorist movement since the early years of its history. This movement has been answering to whoever pays better since 1928; whether in assisting the Britons to control Egypt, Palestine to materialize the Balfour Declaration in support of the colonists, in putting Egypt’s rule in the hands of the United States of America and Israel, or even in relocating the Gaza Strip to Sinai desert to become part of the land controlled by Israel. However, the people of Egypt foiled these attempts and liberated their country from this group’s evil. Also, it is not strange for Al-Qardawi to speak the way he did against UAE in a mosque last Friday. His infamous speech demonstrated the level of his despair and that of the Brotherhood in terms of their bid to return to politics in the future. Nevertheless, this will not happen again because history will not repeat itself in this regard.

If the fatwa salesman dishonored the blood of Egyptians who are against his group, this means he will not remain silent when it comes to those who supported the June 30 revolution. The scathing attack he launched against the UAE is not a small matter, especially since his statement was also directed to other GCC members due to their solidarity with the people of Egypt to thwart the Brotherhood’s plan to control the entire Arab world. The position taken by Qatar’s foreign minister is just a foundation that needs to be built on other political stances in a bid to mend some cracks caused by differences in opinion on what took place in Egypt for the past three years. The State of Qatar will never weigh Al-Qardawi over its relationship with the UAE and its noble people.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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