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Why blame Asian expats for all our social problems? ‘No visas, deportation inhumane’

According to the Arab Times, a Kuwaiti MP “submitted a draft bill on controlling the number of expatriates in a bid to solve the problems of the nation. Article Two of the bill states that expatriates with low educational degrees will be granted visa valid for five years and it is not renewable. “Article Three stipulates the rule is linked with the number of people in every expatriate community, which must not exceed 10 percent of the Kuwaiti population”!

Things get more i n t e r e s t i n g : “according to the lawmaker, the GCC n a t i o n a l s , Europeans and Americans are exempted from this rule”!

Furthermore, “he explained the growing expatriate population made the problems more complicated; such as the rising unemployment and crime rates, spiraling rents, traffic jams and health issues, among others.

He pointed out the country’s infrastructure cannot accommodate such a large number of expatriates; thereby, causing failure to governmental institutions” (see Arab Times Jan 29 2014).

Blaming just Asian expats, who represent a majority in our expat population, for some of our social problems in Kuwait is very strange and illogical.

Some European, American expats and some Kuwaiti citizens do have roles to play in some of the problems we face in Kuwait.

Moreover, reducing the number of expats in Kuwait should be achieved according to international human rights regulations; and through applying humane methods, not instant deportations and not through chaotic decisions.

Hundreds of thousands of Asian expats contribute to Kuwait’s development and they should be treated just like European and American expats. Signaling Asian expats or basically blaming just brown people for the rise in unemployment among Kuwaiti citizens, rising rents, traffic jams and other social problems can only be interpreted as an attempt to find scapegoats for our continuing social dilemmas.

Why not for example emphasize the need for some Kuwaiti citizens to become productive in the workplace? Why blame Asian expats for our traffic jams although most of the traffic problems are usually caused by some reckless youths who do not give a damn about traffic laws and regulations!

Moreover, what makes European and American expats or GCC nationals different from Asian expats?! Humans are created as equals; and any anti-social behavior should be blamed on the individual not on a whole community.

We can deal with our Kuwaiti social and economic problems in a constructive way. For example, I suggested earlier in one of my previously published articles that the process of Kuwaitization of the labor force should be achieved gradually: if you wish to increase work productivity in any human society, you really need to establish first the principles of productivity and work commitment in the general social fabric.

In other words, we can achieve national self-reliance in more practical and humane ways instead of just using the deportation of some Asian expats as a final solution.

By: Khaled Aljenfawi

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