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Proposal to deport expats after five years in Kuwait draws flak Former Kuwait Human Rights chief regards recommendation as racist

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 2: A number of human rights activists, Municipal Council members and social critics have expressed surprise over a proposal submitted by some lawmakers to deport expatriate personnel who have spent five years in Kuwait, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Former Chairperson of Kuwait Human Rights Society Ali Al- Baghli regarded the recommendation for government to deport expatriate workers after they have spent five years in Kuwait as racist and inclined to tarnish the image of Kuwait which accommodates people from different parts of the world. He wondered why the lawmakers in question downgrade expatriates residing in the country to that level and noted human rights organizations receive complaints concerning such ideologies from various parts of the world.

He stated “the lawmakers are talking as if they want to deny expatriates entry into paradise. This kind of recommendation is shameful, because many expatriates are honorable people who work diligently; therefore, I suggest granting any worker who has spent over 25 years in the country permanent residence for loyalty and dignity. We cannot treat old and new expatriates as equals.” In his comment, Municipal Council member Dr Hassan Kamal said the proposal does not serve the interest of Kuwait.

He explained that expatriates need five years to acquaint themselves with their job in Kuwait and wondered if it is reasonable to deport expatriate workers when they have just begun to get accustomed to their jobs. He pointed out that everybody believes in keeping trained productive workers, as it benefits the country, adding “the best way to get rid of marginal workers is to arrest visa traders.”

For his part, Expatriate Workers Officer at the Kuwait Trade Unions Federation Abdul-Rahman Al-Ghanim reasoned that the proposal is illogical and impossible in all aspects.

He noted the principle will have reprisal effect on the national economy and suggested the National Assembly should rather enact laws to fight visa traders who make illegitimate sources of living, as a way of life, given that the proposal is completely against democracy that reigns supreme in Kuwait.”

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