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Deported ‘Big Boss’ arrested in Salmiya ‘Royal can’t wait in queue’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 1: Salmiya policemen arrested an Asian man nicknamed ‘Big Boss’ for entering the country on a forged passport. The man was deported from the country since 1988, reports Al-Rai daily. Sources said the man aroused suspicion of patrolmen in Salmiya area and he was called for checking, but details of his fingerprint contradicted with data on his civil ID and passport, and the commander of Salmiya security department has since refused several interventions to release the suspect. The daily noted the suspect is well-known for his dealings with forgers who help individuals wanted by law and deportees to enter the country again.

‘Royal can’t wait in queue’: Securitymen dealt with a quarrel that erupted among two groups of seven individuals in Adan Hospital, reports Al-Rai daily. A security source said a member of the ruling family helped a friend to skip the queue and went past a patient who was next in line. As a result, the patient expressed resentment over the incident and complained the sheikh wasn’t abiding by regulations. The sheikh then replied he’s a member of the ruling family and can’t wait in queue like others. In anger, the patient replied that sheikhs should be the first to abide by rules for others to follow. Consequently, friends of the two parties started quarreling. The police arrived at the scene and referred the feuding parties to

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