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Truffles being put on sale.
Truffles season begins with spring onset

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 1: Truffles’ season has begun with spring onset and the potato-like vegetable is seen on stands of makeshift local markets, however due to short supplies, the price is as high as KD 15 per kilogram. At start of the spring, truffles’ prices are generally too high, but they drop once imported supplies reach the domestic market from the Levant, Egypt, Iran and North Africa.

However, favored species of the plant are those from deserts of neighboring countries, namely Saudi Arabia and Iraq, for they reach the local market within a short period of time after unplugging from the ground and remain relatively fresh. The prices of truffles are forecast to drop this season for expected abundant local crop, resulting from abundant rain that watered the Kuwaiti desert.

Truffles grow across the Kuwaiti arid land after winter season, and it is commonly understood that strong sunlight after heavy rain is ideal for their healthy growth, provided their land of growth is left intact. Kuwait Municipality holds, annually. a temporary bazaar for trade in truffles, along with other seasonal plants, traditional food and products. The Kuwaiti dinar is currently traded at approximately $3.5. (KUNA)

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