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Process paper work of Kuwaitis without discrimination, says MP Al-Kharafi to rehearse interpellation against minister

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 1: MP Adel Al-Kharafi will rehearse his interpellation against the minister of electricity and water on Sunday in preparation for the actual grilling in Tuesday’s session. According to sources, the lawmaker is not worried about confirming MPs who will support him during the interpellation, for he is confident that his colleagues will rise to the occasion. In addition, although the MP did not prepare a no-confidence motion; he is confident that it will be submitted by the end of the interpellation and signed by 10 MPs. He firmly believes the minister is negligent in every way, disclosing hat documents which will be presented during the interpellation will prove numerous management and financial violations. On the other hand, the minister is leaning towards postponing the interpellation as he has not fully prepared his answers since he was busy with the Arab Ministers of Electricity Conference which took place a few days ago in Alexandria, Egypt.

Meanwhile, MP Hamdan Al-Azmi revealed the government has given instruction to quickly process ministerial applications and paper works without delay for MPs who support the authority. He said MPs, who stood their ground and do not support the government in terms of interpellation requests or voting on bills, face complications with their ministerial applications, adding that the same goes with citizens who do not agree with the authority. He criticized such behavior, describing it as “childish and immature”. He wondered if the government believes that by doing this, the MPs will change their mind and start supporting their decisions. Hamdan asked the government to stop such a “childish” behavior and ensure justice for the citizens. He pointed out this behavior will not result in anything but disorder, for citizens are now more educated in their rights and governmental maneuvers. Moreover, the MP warned the government against taking this path, explaining that it will only draw more questions since the public is wellinformed on how the authority opposes any bill aimed at improving their lives. He urged the government to change its position and work in the interest of the public, instead of satisfying what he called the ‘influential figures’.

By: Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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