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Bid to prevent power outages Mohammed Ghanim A-Seyassah Staff

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 31: The recent breakdown in Al-Shuaiba refineries due to the disruption of power supply might prompt the Ministry of Electricity and Water to ask the oil sector to establish special power stations to cover the electricity needs of the refineries.

According to sources, the abovementioned step is aimed at guaranteeing ample power supply for the oil refineries to avoid the recurrence of the electricity cut-off in Al-Shuaiba that led to losses estimated at millions of dinars.

Sources clarified the demand is not new as it was submitted in 2007, indicating the committees formed to investigate the programmed power cut-off implemented in the country last year have stressed the need for the oil sector to establish electricity stations.

On the other hand, sources said the MEW intends to increase power production from 600 megawatts to 1,200 megawatts every year to provide electricity to private, commercial, industrial and investment buildings as part of efforts to cope with the construction expansion in the country and the rising demand for electricity. On the fire that broke out in steam turbine number 20 at Al-Subiya power station, sources said the turbine is part of the project which was carried out in 2012 to add 2,000 megawatts to the electrical network.

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