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Egyptian expat sentenced to death for killing compatriot

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 30: The Criminal Court Thursday sentenced an Egyptian expatriate to death for murdering his compatriot inside the construction site of Shaddadiya University. According to the case files, the suspect and his victim were in love with a Sri Lankan woman. While she was involved in an affair with the suspect for almost two years, she developed another affair with the victim, which provoked the suspect to murder the victim.

Security sources revealed that the victim’s body was found half buried in the construction site of Shaddadiya University. Initial investigations indicated that the victim had succumbed to head injuries and detectives presumed that the victim had sustained such injuries after being hit by a hard object. After conducting further investigations and connecting the dots, the detectives managed to unravel the mystery behind the crime. Investigations using the victim’s phone led the detectives to the Sri Lankan woman.

During interrogations, she confessed about her love affair with victim. After the detectives cleared her as a suspect, they questioned her about whether she had another boy friend. She admitted that she did and provided information of the suspect, who lived in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh. The police summoned the suspect, who initially denied knowing the victim. However, when detectives noticed signs of panic from him, they grilled him further until he admitted knowing the victim and narrated his crime. He told the detectives that he had followed the victim for some time after suspecting him of having a relationship with his girlfriend.

After his doubts were confirmed, he met the victim and took him to the construction site of Shaddadiya University. The suspect revealed that he pleaded with the victim to end the relationship with his girlfriend but when the victim denied any knowledge of the girl, he hit the victim on the head with a stone several times and left his body on the ground. From the state of the corpse, which had not completely decomposed, the Forensics team discovered that the victim did not die immediately and that he had fought for his life for about 24 to 48 hours


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