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Hala February off to an exuberant start Friday Event has two-pronged purpose

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 30, (KUNA): The nation-wide Hala February festival has a two-pronged purpose: to promote tourism within the country and to inject exuberance into the local economy, said a festival organizer to KUNA on Thursday.

Waleed Al-Saqobi, who heads the committee promoting this year’s festival, said that the festival will start things off tomorrow with a bang manifested in a huge street carnival in Salmiya that should resonate well with both children and adults. He emphasized that the organizers have ensured that there would be between 30-50 percent off on airline tickets to Kuwait from neighboring countries and hotel stays as well.

He said it was expected that there would be a flux of festival goers from GCC states this year, just like in the past. Other events in the pipeline during the month of February will include raffles and valuable prizes given away at major malls and shopping centers, he said, adding that there will be a generous drawing on 21 cars that should generate a lot of excitement. Furthermore, he added, there will be a marathon organized on Feb.15 to promote awareness about a number of health-related issues in addition to a large show of vintage cars.

Head of the Kuwait Hotels Union Fahad Al-Nafisi told KUNA that this year hotels would be going out of their way to welcome guests from neighboring countries and local ones as well, realizing the fact that the festival period usually beefs up their bottom lines. As has become customary, the festival will boast crowd-pleasing musical events at which top entertainers in the Arab world will be show-cased. For fans of more sedate events, there will be poetry recitals and folklore-inspired stage presentations.

The Hala February Festival is considered by Kuwaitis a good omen to start a new year with, because in the month of February major national celebrations are held such as the national day of independence (on the 25th) and liberation day (on the 26th).

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