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Alliance, it is not the proper way

DOES the ongoing event in Geneva serve the interest of the Syrian nation? Will it end the suffering that millions of Syrians have been experiencing for three years now? Are the demands of the Syrian opposition alliance realistic or will they just prolong the bloodshed? This alliance, whose constituents are not in harmony, should have utilized the Geneva Conference to achieve its objectives. If it wants to be obeyed, it should ask for what is possible; because what is impossible at the moment may become possible later on. Therefore, it should not negotiate by using the Syrian blood; especially since it has realized that such bargains are useless.

Yes, the opposition delegation had to demand for humanitarian passages and removal of the blockade in order to deliver aid to tens of thousands of hungry Syrians in different areas. It had to ask for the release of detainees. Unfortunately, the humanitarian disaster was not taken into consideration; since the alliance delegation leaped to ask for ‘delivery’ of the authority even if it knows the demand is impossible for now.  The authority has been working for 44 years to build itself and its relations which have been utilized in the deadly conflict. Moreover, it benefited from the Russian, Iranian and Chinese support; as well as the Iraqi and Lebanese assistance. Add to this the support of many other countries. This authority is still supported by the Army, security systems and a considerable percentage of the Syrian nation. If the authority intended to present a concession, it would not have been involved in a fierce war.

In the past three years, the regime has been leaning towards the ‘controlling terrorism’ slogan. In fact, no country could reject such a slogan because terrorism harmed them. The regime managed to market the slogan; up to the extent that the international community has started talking to it about controlling terrorism. Meanwhile, the opposition alliance did not even present anything that may support its ability to control terrorism and the extremist groups, which waged a deadly war against it and accused it of atheism. Tens of thousands of Syrians have been killed and hundreds of thousands injured; while millions have become refugees and migrants due to the Syrian civil war. Therefore, the regime and the alliance should ease the suffering of their nation; instead of making the Geneva Conference another reason for prolonging the suffering, particularly since there is no sign over the horizon that one of the two teams will win the conflict because the winner is also the loser.

Syrians should understand the Palestinian lesson in 1948 when they, mainly those who rejected the decision to divide Palestine, closed the door to any dialogue. Consequently, they lost their land. If they only dealt with the issue realistically, Israel would have become a country with identified borders. Furthermore, the Palestinians would have saved hundreds of thousands of victims and the millions who migrated. Simply put, they would have a homeland.

Syrians cannot do anything except find a political solution to get their country out of the lethal war. This is what most countries concerned with the crisis have called for. Some of them seriously called for a popular questionnaire on the authority — a step supported by the regime itself, Russia, Iran and even the United States of America.      Thus, the alliance must initiate a ceasefire and open humanitarian passages to settle the military battles to pave the way for conducting a questionnaire under the supervision of the United Nations, and then let the questionnaire decide who the winner is.

Consequences of the political conflict remain less than that of war, even if this conflict is tough because its losses are less than bloodshed. The Syrian alliance must deal with the crisis in a realistic manner to end the suffering of Syrians; if not, it will gain nothing from Geneva and it will lose popular support.

Syrians have to take advantage of this conference to put an end to the humanitarian disaster; or else, their war will be forgotten, because the world has other problems and crises. The world will not forever be busy thinking about what is happening in Syria. I believe the Palestinian cause and that of Somalia are clear examples in this domain.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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