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A Donkey Party, US Clover Club

LAST week I wrote about the sad disintegration of the Kurdistan Donkey Party. This party was distinguished and unique in every respect and fair treatment. On most occasions the word donkey is attributed to people who we believe are foolish (by the way this belief is prevalent only in the Arab world) but elsewhere it is a symbol of greatness and appreciation.  Today’s article is about the American Clover Club, which is the ‘other type of party’. Members of the club are prominent Americans or what we call the cream of US society. On every last Saturday of January the Clover Club organizes a unique social gathering of its kind (by the way it is held only once a year and in this case it was held last Saturday) and the members do not exceed carefully invited 200 people.

It is enough to make a mention of the incumbent US President Barack Obama who is member of this exclusive club known as ‘Alfalfa’— alfalfa is one type of a clover. This club was given this name for two reasons — one because it is the night for limitless feasting resembling sheep and goats and two for drinking a lot of ‘water’ without limit. The name itself is full of mockery.  It is a reflection of a lot of rituals which happen during the night celebration beginning with a speech given by a Republican president. During the speech he makes a mockery of other giants in the American society be they politicians, military men, economist or journalists. The president does not even spare his wife who is usually seated next to him.

The club then nominates the next Republican president based on the opinion polls and this is how (Richard) Nixon, (Ronald) Reagan and (George) Bush Sr, etc went on to become US presidents. Some of the club members are billionaires including Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg, George Bush Sr and George Bush Jr, Dick Cheney, Collin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. This year’s new club members who are referred to as ‘sprouts’, are Marillyn Hewson, the CEO of Lockheed Martin which deals with military weapons, and Raul Fernandez, the wealthy co-owner of NHL Washington Capitals and NBA Washington Wizards.

Jokes and mockery were the order of the night this last Saturday of January. Unofficial presidents are chosen based on opinion polls during the party at the Hilton hotel, which is close to the Watergate building in Washington.  How I wish, we in our country had clubs and parties like the Clover Club and the Kurdistan Donkey Party since in this country complaints and grumblings are a feature of every individual and were smiles and jest are non-existent.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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