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Rent, kids allowance hike to benefit realty owners: MP Panel okays to allocate 15 pc of property to PAHW

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 29: Head of the Parliamentary Financial Affairs Committee MP Faisal Al- Shaye says he is expecting a number of grilling requests to be submitted against the government in the coming phase, indicating that a parliament that does not submit interpellations during its four-year term is not an effective one, reports Al-Rai daily.

He stressed that certain lawmakers with the help of some people are carrying out an agenda to inflict obstacles in the paths of the National Assembly Speaker and Prime Minister. He asked the members of the ruling family to settle the conflicts among them because such conflicts do not benefit the country. MP Al-Shaye warned against a repetition of the situation in 1999 when the price of a barrel of oil reached $8, which resulted in a massive problem in the Ministry of Finance that had to postpone giving out salaries for a few months.

Meanwhile, he clarified that the government refuses to increase the rent and children allowances because it is convinced that such a hike will serve the interests of the real-estate owners, adding that it has allowed several increments to the allowances in the past 8 years and any additional hikes will affect the country’s budget. MP Al-Shaye stressed that provision of subsidies to some Arab and non- Arab countries by Kuwait is indirectly aimed at ensuring the security and support of the country’s future. He revealed that the money spent in this regard is aimed to protect the status of Kuwait, its sovereignty and its future, adding, “We will need the help of some countries in the future”.

Meanwhile, Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Legislative Committee MPAbdulkareem Al-Kandari revealed that the committee has agreed on a draft law to allocate nearly 15 percent of the state property to the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW), reports Al-Rai daily. He added that they also agreed to lift the parliamentary immunity from MP Safa Al-Hashem over the case of journalism misdemeanor. MP Al-Kandari explained that the committee discussed a draft law for establishing an authority for cities. However, it postponed issuance of a decision regarding the proposal until the representatives of PAHW and Fatwa and Legislation Department attend the next meeting. He declared that the committee refused the draft law for considering a Kuwaiti woman married to a non-Kuwaiti equivalent to a Kuwaiti widow or divorcee in the case of housing loans. Meanwhile, Head of the Parliamentary Financial Affairs Committee MP Faisal Al-Shaye announced that a draft law is being prepared for modifying the law of Public Authority for Youth and Sports (PAYS). He revealed that the amendments will include the need to form a board for PAYS and assign the State Minister for Youth Affairs as the chairman of the board of directors of PAYS.

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