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‘Kuwait not involved in Egypt incidents’ Position unchanged

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 27: Kuwaiti Ambassador to Egypt Dr Rashid Al- Hamad has vehemently denied rumors that Kuwait is involved in the recent incidents in Egypt, in relation to the second revolution which led to the collapse of the Muslim Brotherhood; stressing the position of some countries after revealing the assistance of Kuwait to Egypt was unfair, reports Al-Rai daily. Al-Hamad pointed out Kuwait always takes the side of the Egyptian nation and its position did not change throughout the tenure of the three regimes; starting from Mubarak, followed by Morsi and now the interim leader.

Meanwhile, Al-Hamad explained Kuwait did not immediately approve grants to Egypt as it took a long period of negotiations between the two countries before the decision is finalized. He said the Kuwaiti diplomatic corps faced difficulties during the January revolution when members of the embassy had to follow up issues concerning the Kuwaitis on one hand, and protect the embassy on the other hand. He admitted matters became more difficult when the security agents disappeared and were no longer protecting the embassy, affirming the Kuwaiti government played a major role at the time as it arranged flights for the evacuation of Kuwaitis. He added the evacuation operations were carried out smoothly and they did not encounter any security problem.

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