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‘Law to ban performance boosting drugs needed’ ‘Media must launch awareness campaign’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 27, (KUNA): Kuwait should issue a law preventing the use of prohibited performance enhancing drugs and stimulants that are unsuitable for human consumption as this could harm athletes, said a sports official. The government and the National Assembly must cooperate to prevent the sale of such drugs to people without considering the physical and mental hazards they could cause consumers, said Secretary of Kuwait Swimming Association Hussein Al- Musallam on Monday. People tend to use these prohibited drugs to gain a higher level of fitness and muscle mass in a short period of time, he told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

This law will protect people against the dangers caused by these drugs including heart, liver, and brain related problems, kidney failure, and even death, he noted. The law must also include sports officials and gym instructors who encourage others to take stimulants, added Al-Musallam.

The statistics presented by the Kuwaiti Anti-Doping Committee show that large numbers of athletes in the country are using performance enhancing drugs, while some have gone further to use illegal drugs which are categorized as hallucinogens, said the official. Moreover, Al-Musallam called on local organizations and the media to launch an awareness campaign targeting the dangers of these drugs. In an unrelated development, the National Assembly’s Legislative and legal Affairs Committee passed on Sunday a bill stipulating allocation of a state land to housing purposes. In a press statement, Committee Rapporteur Abdulkareem Al-Kanderi said the members agreed to allocate a certain percentage of state-owned land but did not say how much.

He meanwhile said the committee members have accepted a Public Prosecutor’s request to lift the immunity of MP Safaa Al-Hashem, but turned down similar requests to left immunity of MPs Abdulhameed Dashti and Saadoun Hammad Al- Otaibi. Al-Kanderi pointed out that the committee has rejected draft laws to allow Kuwaiti women who are married to non-Kuwaitis to get housing loan similar to that given to Kuwaiti divorcees or widows. The committee adjourned discussion of bills on the establishment of a special authority for cities and Kuwaiti shareholding companies to execute the electricity and water desalination projects.

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