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Police find huge quantity of drugs on two peddlers

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 26: The Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Faisal Khuraibet, acquitted two expatriates of trafficking in drugs. It has been reported the officer in charge of the case disclosed the investigation results showed that one of the accused possessed drugs for sale and personal consumption. A warrant was obtained from the Public Prosecution to raid the suspect’s accommodation in Hawally, during which the securitymen found a plastic can containing mixed tobacco and a nylon bag full of drugs. According to the officer, the suspect confessed that the items belong to him; indicating he got hashish, heroin and narcotic pills from the other accused. However, he did not disclose the identity of the supplier of ice drugs.

During the raid in the accommodation of the second suspect, the securitymen confiscated five plastic bags containing narcotic pills for sale and personal consumption. Attorney Fahd Al-Mutairi, lawyer for the accused, submitted a memo to the court explaining the circumstances related to the case. He pointed out loopholes in the procedures taken to arrest his clients, as well as the inspection and raid procedures. He argued the accommodations of his clients were raided before obtaining permission from the Public Prosecution. Moreover, the lawyer asserted the results of investigations were inconclusive; while the testimony of the officer in charge of the case is not in line with the actual incident. He, therefore, demanded for the acquittal of his clients. The court ruled in favor of the accused after a thorough analysis of the arguments and evidence presented by both sides.

‘This is my flat’: Police have arrested a Kuwaiti youth who is believed to be in his 20s for consuming drugs, reports Al- Rai daily. The youth was under the influence of drugs and allegedly entered the apartment of his Syrian neighbor. The Syrian tried to convince the disoriented youth that he was on the wrong floor but the youth insisted the family leave the apartment. Finding no option, the family had to call the police. The addict has been detained at the Fintas Police Station.

  Woman doing drugs: Police have arrested a Kuwaiti woman for possessing and consuming drugs, reports Al-Rai daily. A security source said police received a call that a woman was consuming drugs inside her car in Ardhiya. Acting on information police rushed to the spot and found the woman in a disoriented condition. Police have seized a quantity of drugs from her car. Meanwhile, Police have arrested three Egyptians for trafficking in drugs, reports Annahar daily. Following intensive investigations police arrested one Egyptian and seized from him methamphetamine, known as ‘shabu’ in the market. The suspect admitted to the selling drugs and led police to his two accomplices. Police have reportedly seized from them one kilo of pure heroin and a quantity of shabu. The suspects have been referred to the General Department for Drugs Control.

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