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Paid Hajj leave

I went on vacation to my home country India. My leave started on 11/08/2013 to 31/10/2013 (82 days). As I had 40 days of paid leave, this leave finished on 19/09/2013.

During the period of vacation I went for Hajj (1434) from India from 09-09-2013 to 23-10-2013 (15-10-2013 was Eid ul-Adha). In above situation, should I deserve the 21 days paid Hajj leave, as the Hajj period fell during my unpaid leave period?

Name withheld
: No, you are not entitled to be paid for the Hajj leave because you did not apply for it.

You just can’t go on any kind of leave and then on your own whims proceed on Hajj, come back and claim payment for the same.

Paid Hajj leave can be granted to any employee who has put in two years continuous service and has not performed Hajj earlier (you have not mentioned you have or have not done so) but this is subject to approval from the company management before you proceed on such leave.

The company can change your unpaid leave to Hajj leave if it so desires (out of goodwill) but there is nothing in the Kuwait Labor Law which can compel it to do so.

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