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Egypt needs tenure of Sisi

ALL nations experience ordeals; however, they manage to surmount them when they meet a remarkable leadership with the ability to spread tranquility among the people through plans, projects and decisive steps. Egypt is not an exception.  It has confronted several ordeals like the 1952 revolution, 1956 war, 1967 defeat, 1973 war and the ‘bread’ uprising in 1977.  The nation managed to triumph over such ordeals, either through historic leadership or significant decisions.

Egypt was not weakened by the terrorism which hit it between 1978 and 1984.  The slight insanity was hidden in the Islamic gown weaved in the factories of the Brotherhood Movement starting from ‘Al-Takfeer Wal Hejra’, along with the gangs now spread in different areas. These terrorist gangs, which were born from the womb of the Brotherhood Movement, assassinated several political intellectuals and cultural characters in the 1980s; among them was President Anwar Al-Sadat who tried to give the group - Brotherhood - political chance, thinking it might give up its destructive ideology. Yet, the group has proven that it is used to frivolous violence; so it cannot live outside the quagmire of murder and terrorism.

We said several times that Egypt today is experiencing a phase of recuperation.  Moreover, the security unrest, which is taking place, is a natural result of the defect which hit the country’s legal image due to what happened in the past three years. Definitely, several procedures and years are needed to correct this defect and to win back the international trust.  Nevertheless, this cannot be achieved without a strong and effective institution that works side by side the nation.

The Egyptian Armed Forces has always been a tool of change in all phases.  It revolted against King Farouq and asked President Hosni Mubarak to give up the ruling after millions of Egyptians thronged to squares asking him to leave. The Egyptian Armed Forces also chose to support the nation when it went out to the squares and streets to confront the ruling of Brotherhood’s Morshid.  It carried out the demand of over 40 million Egyptians to ouster Mohammed Morsi.

This is the truth whether we agree or disagree on it. Yet, the Army cannot be a tool of change unless it has a trustworthy and decisive leadership that is able to keep the sensitive institution away from the frivolity of political powers; otherwise, it will be subjected to the hands of such powers as it happened in some countries.  Nonetheless, in Egypt, the Army is independent and it can protect the national decision; while its leadership has proven in the past months that it supports the nation.

Today, Egypt needs a special leadership which can help the country surmount its ordeal in order to bring it back to its territorial role; considering the security unrest it is currently confronting.  It must open its investment gates to everyone from inside and outside. Egypt needs a true leadership which knows the status of its country. It needs a leadership acquainted with the mistakes of the past and does not take decisions hastily.  It needs a leadership that fulfills its promises. It needs a leadership which is not afraid of tweets or posts on social networking sites or worried in bed because of an article published in a foreign newspaper.

Yes, Egypt needs a historic leadership, not a presidency. If we review those who are in front us in the political arena, we will not see a person who deserves such title except Deputy Premier, Minister of Defense and General Commander of Egyptian Armed Forces General Abdulfattah Al-Sisi.  This big Arab country needs Sisi’s leadership which is a warranty for the nation, as well as the Arab and foreign investors.  Things cannot be dependent on hesitation or cunning policy or even decisions approved through the popular noise, particularly in such a gigantic economic area.

Yes, Abdulfattah Al-Sisi, whose name covered the entire world because of the courageous and decisive steps he took, can bring tens of marshal projects to develop the economy of his country. In addition, he can promote them well in the Arab countries where oil money is employed in markets of loss, profitability and high risks.  He can promote them all over the world which has realized the strategic location of this country - a fertile land for investment.

Egypt, as we said earlier, is not a country which survives on subsidies and assistance.  On the contrary, it can have investments worth hundreds of billions of dollars in hundreds of factories for manufacturing construction materials like iron rods, cement, glass and others or in the field of foodstuffs; as well as other light and heavy industries. It can also have hundreds or thousands of touristic resorts to attract millions of tourists.

Also, Egypt has the manpower to make it self-sufficient.  In other words, it does not have to hire expatriate personnel.  The constituents need trust which is found only in a charismatic and extraordinary leadership like that of General Abdulfattah Al-Sisi. This statement is based on facts.  We do not dwell on wishes.  The security frivolity, which Egypt is currently experiencing, cannot be controlled except through an integrated economic and developmental project, which may take people from the streets to the factories and institutions.  This is in addition to putting an end to the political mockery that brought nothing but destruction to the homeland of pharaohs, suspension of institutions and increasing poverty.


By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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