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Al-Muweizri blames bank and Municipality for housing crisis Disputes over responsibility for scrapyards heats up

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 24: Former Housing Minister, former MP Shueib Al- Muweizri blames the Kuwait Municipality and Credit and Savings Bank for making a mess of the housing project despite the ministry has allotted KD 1.6 billion for that purpose, adding “all this is happening with the full knowledge of the government”, reports Al-Nahar daily. Al-Muweizri made the declaration at a recent lecture organized by Social Reform Society and noted the housing projects have been disrupted on purpose by the contracting companies. He recommended that necessary fines be imposed on the contractor in case the implementation of project is delayed. He also advised introducing international companies to apply for tenders to implement projects, indicating it’s the only way to solve the housing problem. Meanwhile, MP Abdulhameed Dashti says the law of subsidy on building materials for citizens who obtained housing loans will not only apply to those who took the loans recently but also those who took the loans earlier, reports Al-Seyassah daily. He stressed that the law will also apply to those who are going to build apartments and who are constructing the second floor to their existing houses. He revealed that the subsidy is non-refundable and it will include all building materials other than iron rods and bricks. He said he hoped the government, represented by the Minister of Commerce and Industry, will issue the executive bylaw and the list of construction materials, urging lawmakers to monitor the implementation of the law. Regarding the alleged strikes in the oil sector, MP Dashti said every citizen is responsible for protecting the public funds. He explained that strikes must be organized properly as they harm the interests of the country. He urged the employees of the oil sector to use legal tools for demanding their rights without hindering the operations of the oil sector.

Meanwhile, Director-General of Kuwait Municipality Eng Ahmed Al-Sabeeh was recently quoted as saying the Municipality is no longer responsible for vehicles at the Amghara Scrapyard, reports Al-Rai daily. The senior official went on to say it is now the responsibility of the Public Authority for Industries. However, Eng Al-Sabeeh affirmed that the Cabinet has yet to issue a decision to designate Mina Abdullah Scrapyard under the responsibility of the Municipality. He said when the decision is issued in this regard it will be concerning only Mina Abdullah and will have nothing to do with the Amghara Scrapyard. In the same context, official representative of a group of investors in the Amghara Scrapyard Bassem Al-Asfoor said he met with the Speaker of the National Assembly Marzouk Al- Ghanim and MP Mohammed Tana to discuss the Amghara Scrapyard issue and its relocation in a suburb of Al-Noa’aeem. He indicated, the meeting resulted in dropping Al-Noa’aeem and instead a recommendation for a temporary relocation in Arahiya surfaced until Al-Noa’aeem is prepared and organized.

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