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Pledge to protect oil sector workers rights ‘Camping to be organized’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 24: The Minister of Oil and State Minister for National Assembly Affairs Dr Ali Al-Omair has promised to do his best in protecting the rights of the employees of the ministry and the entire oil sector, assuring that their rights will not elude them.

As part of a decision to address workers unrest, Dr Al-Omair declared this on Thursday during a ceremony that was held to honor teams and authorities that participated in dismantling illegal tents that encroached lands belonging to the oil sector close to major oil facilities in the South of Kuwait. He stressed his determination to review decisions concerning the amendment of the incentive system in the sector, which includes the participation allowances that were issued shortly before he assumed the ministerial position.

Regarding the Workers Union’s threat to hold a sitin, the minister agreed that the union and management board hold contradicting opinions regarding the decisions taken by the management. He reiterated that the ministry will handle the issue without it affecting the governmental properties and national interest, assuring that he will carry out necessary negotiations to ensure the sit-in is not organized. He declared, “We will soon reach a compromise through dialogue with the concerned parties”. Regarding the role played by the Ministry of Oil to protect the environment, Dr Al-Omair said the oil sector has allotted huge budgets in this regard, as Kuwait is keen about protecting the environment. He hailed the efforts exerted by the officials of the oil sector in this domain and praised the positive collaboration among the teams that dismantled the illegal encroachments on the state properties.

Meanwhile, the Director of Environment Public Authority (EPA) Dr Salah Al-Modhi said the campaign was launched after EPArealized the dangers of camping in areas that are affiliated to the oil sector, indicating that the campaign is also aimed to protect the campers from any hazards that could result from this negative phenomenon. In addition, the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Major General Mahmoud Al- Dousari revealed that a committee has been formed with representatives from Ministry of Interior, EPA, Kuwait Municipality and the oil sector to organize the camping system in the coming years. He stressed that laws will be legislated to organize this system in order to protect the environment from any negative problems that could result from illegal camping.

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