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Kuwait TV band performs in Egypt
Panel to study possibility of ‘visit-visa-to-work’ transfer Administrative failure begins with head of govt: MP

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 24: Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, State Minister for Planning Affairs and Development Hind Al- Subaih issued a decision to form a committee to study the possibility of transferring the visit visas into work permits in the private sector, reports Al- Seyassah daily.

The decision No 220/2013 calls for submitting commendations, modifications and stipulations required to transfer the visit visas into work permits in the private sector. In the same context, A-Subaih indicated the ministry is studying the possibility of ‘half’ opening the door to bring in expatriate workforce. In other words, a company which requires 100 workers will be allowed to bring only 50 and the remaining 50 to be recruited from the local market. Al-Subaih has also issued a decision to dissolve the board of the Al-Rigga Cooperative Society.

The same decision has appointed Salman Al-Hezayem as caretaker director of the society for almost two months. The decision gives power to the caretaker director to nominate members of the board. In another development, MP Ali Al-Rashid stated that administrative failure begins with the head of government who is in charge of the executive authority that applies law, reports Al-Qabas daily. He declared this at a recent seminar organized by Al-Masar Al- Mostaqil Bloc on ‘the causes of failure and the right direction’ to discuss the political situation in the country and said “I respect and appreciate HH Sheikh Jaber Al- Mubarak because we worked together when I was state minister and the spokesman of government, and supported him for the welfare of the country.

Nonetheless, is it necessary to keep supporting him even with mistakes he commits or we must confront him?’ “Earlier, we accused HH Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed of failure to run the Cabinet when he formed seven governments in five years, given that each government is supposed to complete four years, but HH Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak has formed seven governments in 2 years. Shall we applaud him’’, he argued.

He stressed the government had earlier refused a number of interpellation requests presented against its ministers, and unfortunately, the troublemaking bloc is out now. He wondered why government hasn’t fulfilled any achievement as yet, irrespective the parliament is cooperative. He affirmed the constitution needs a comprehensive review for more freedoms and reforms. He also called for a conference to reconcile all the political blocs for the benefit of the country. He stressed that marriage between money and power is illegal and leads to deterioration in the country and “that’s why the traders of politics did not care much about paying Dow Chemical fine, because they benefited from it”. For his part, political activist Dr Nasser Al-Abdali affirmed that goals or ambitions have not been achieved throughout the years through individual effort, and called for the political parties to come together to mount pressure on the government to organize the political business in the country. He clarified “it is improper to criticize the government alone all the time, and it is not fair to hold the administration responsible for everything that happen in the country”. He called on the citizens to quit the many sectarian and tribal restrictions that prevent them from selecting efficient lawmakers to serve and rescue the nation.

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