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Bedoun DNA samples headed for UK Local hospitals lack facilities

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 23: The General Department for Criminal Evidences at the Ministry of Interior will send DNA samples of illegal residents ‘bedoun’ to London to determine genetic map of each person. The sources added the samples will be sent to the specialized accredited laboratories in the United Kingdom with which the ministry has been dealing with since 2002. This is done due to non-availability of what the ministry said ‘sufficient material’.

The sources revealed the Central Apparatus for Remedying the Status of the Stateless Persons has requested the Criminal Evidences Department to take DNA samples of 8,000 bedoun six months ago. However, the tests were not performed due to lack of laboratory materials.

The sources also said that the materials are available in small quantities in Kuwait and are used for conducting DNA tests for criminals and urgent matters but not sufficient enough to carry out tests on large number of people referred to the department by the Central Apparatus.

The sources pointed out the ministry receive large numbers of requests sometimes exceeding 100 per day. It is a well-known fact that the cost of screening each genes is up to KD 85 and tests are usually conducted at the request of the authorities such as the General Administration of Nationality and Travel Documents and usually done on Kuwaitis born outside the country after they are more than three months old.

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