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Juwaihal freed after 9 months MP to sue TV channel

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 23: Political activist and former MP Mohammad Al-Juwaihal was released Thursday morning after being detained for nine months at the Central Prison for misusing his phone to defame the Mutair Tribe in a case filed by former MP Hamad Al-Mutar. Lawyer for the accused, Attorney Yousuf Hussein, asserted his client respected the decision of the court by serving his prison term. He then called on others, who are in a similar situation, to respect the law like what his client has done. ❑ ❑ ❑ MP plans suit: MP Mohammad Al-Jabri on Thursday filed a complaint to the Public Prosecution against an Arab channel and a broadcaster for airing a false statement attributed to him as he considered the act a form of defamation. Al-Jabri revealed he will sue the officer of the channel in Kuwait as the latter is behind the issue, while apologizing to those who may have misunderstood his statement on the cancellation of the evening for the revival of the heritage of the poet and philosopher Sufi Jalal Al-Din Al- Roomi who lived in the 13th century. He accused the officer of the Arab Channel in Kuwait of distorting the contents of his statement.

Judicial rulings: The Administration Court presided over by Judge Mohammad Al-Tamimi has issued four judicial rulings that revoked the decisions taken by Ministry of Interior to bar the appointment of three Kuwaiti women and a Kuwaiti man as legal researchers. The court ordered the ministry’s Undersecretary in his capacity to pay the four plaintiffs KD 1,001 as temporary compensation and KD 200 as legal charges of the case. In his statement, the plaintiff counsel Lawyer Mohammad Al-Ansari revealed that the four verdicts were issued in their favor, which obliged the Interior Ministry to appoint his clients. He indicated that 26 similar cases will be filed in the coming days against the wrong decisions taken by the ministry in rejecting candidates with excellent qualifications.

Case adjourned: The Misdemeanor Court adjourned to Feb 2, a case filed against 14 individuals who are accused of falsifying sports leave certificates for at the Public Authority for Youth and Sports. The case was adjourned for presentation of defense, appearance of some suspects and perusing latter from the National Guard. According to the case files, the Public Prosecution accused the second to 12th suspects, in their capacity as employees of the National Guard, of allegedly collecting an amount of money belonging to the National Guard. They claimed to be involved in sporting activities based on which they sought paid leave and abstained from work. The Public Prosecution also accused all suspects of forging original documents, which they used for official procedures.

Ruling Feb 5: The Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Ibrahim Al-Abeed adjourned to Feb 5 the issuance of verdict on the state security case filed against Fahad Al-Qabandi, Khalid Al-Fadhala, Rashid Al-Fadhala and Abdullah Al-Rassam for participating in an illegal demonstration and offending the Amiri entity. According to the case files, the Criminal Court had earlier sentenced them to one-year imprisonment with hard labor and a bond of KD 1,000 for suspending the execution of the verdict over the charges of participating in an illegal demonstration. The court ordered Abdullah Al-Rassam to pay a fine of KD 200. However, the defendants were acquitted from the charges of offending the entity of HH the Amir

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