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Al Mulla delivers 1,000 Lancers to Al Manar Largest annual deal in vehicles wholesale sector

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 22: Al Mulla Group, the official distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles in Kuwait, announced the delivery of 1000 Mitsubishi Lancer vehicles (Fortis and JT) to Al Manar Financing & Leasing Company in 2013 under a landmark agreement between the two sides which has been recently renewed, in which a similar number of cars will be resourced again in 2014. This unique agreement is considered to be one of the largest to be carried out in the local wholesale sector for cars of a single model and the biggest delivery of its kind in fleet services. The renewal of the agreement took place during a special ceremony that was attended by members of senior management of both the companies in which Hisham Fakih, Division manager of Al Mulla Group signed the agreement on behalf of the Group and Abdullah Al Bader, CEO of Al Manar Financing & Leasing Company signed on behalf of the company. In addition, Ahmad Saade, Manager Vehicle Wholesale, and Wassim Makarem,Asst.Manager Vehicle Wholesale presented Al Mulla Group; whereas Dr Munir Afuni, Executive Vice President of Al Manar Group, Youssef Al Zamqan, manager of Financing Services Dept, and Ali Abdullah, head of Financing Division were also present at the occasion.     

Al Mulla Group declared that this agreement reflects its underlying strategy to enhance its cooperation with its clients of which Al Manar Financing & Leasing Company is considered to be leading in the financing and leasing sector. Through this agreement, both companies are aiming to provide excellent service to their clients through the ownership of Mitsubishi vehicles. According to Al Mulla Group, this deal is considered to be one of the largest in selling and delivery of fleet vehicles of the same type, and that buying of Mitsubishi Lancer came after many market studies and experiments where the Lancer proved to be superior to its competitors in terms of price, quality, specifications, safety and security. Moreover, the fact of the increased demand for Mitsubishi Lancer from clients involved in both fields of taxi and car rental comes as evidence of the vehicle’s credibility and reliability which is required by clients in the competitive local market.

On the other hand, as a leading company in Kuwait working in the financing and leasing industry in compliance with Islamic Sharia’a laws, Al Manar Financing & Leasing Co. has built a strong relationship with Al Mulla Group based on trust and mutual understanding. This encouraged Al Manar to invest in Al Mulla vehicles in order to provide its wide customer base with practical cars that cover their needs and offer them a distinctive package of high quality services and specifications which is the trademark of Al Mulla Mitsubishi vehicles.  Choosing Mitsubishi Lancer comes as a result of its excellent reputation worldwide and also because of the superior quality of this global car in its category in terms of high quality and safety besides to Al Mulla Group’s commitment in  providing  the best after-sales service.

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