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Northern Gulf Trading Group inks agreement with Hyundai Kuwait Co’s subsidiary to act as sole distributor of heavy construction equipment

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 22: Arabian Eastern Group, a company of Northern Gulf Trading Group announced their partnership with the Korean giant, Hyundai Heavy Industries to act as their sole distributor of their Construction equipment division in Kuwait. The agreement execution was held at the head office of Northern Gulf Trading Group in the presence of representatives from Hyundai Heavy Industries, Tony Cho, regional manager of Middle East and Peter Kim, of Hyundai Corporation as well as representatives of Arabian Eastern Group, Raed Turjuman, the Managing Director and Ashraf Kahoush, Senior Sales manager of Construction Equipment, Commercial Vehicles and PC Fleet Sales, and Mahmoud Ayoub, Sales manager of Construction equipment. With the execution of partnership agreement between both parties, Arabian Eastern Group specialized in construction equipment trading has become the sole agent of HHI heavy & Construction equipment including Wheel loaders and excavators of different sizes and models.

By virtue of the said agreement, Arabian Eastern Group shall provide service centers and spare parts to supporting HHI products in the most optimal manner. This agreement will consolidate the role of Arabian Eastern Group in the local Kuwaiti market in view of HHI’s high confidence and credibility with its products well known on the world level for their efficiency, quality and functionality in accurate and complete manner. Commenting on the execution of this agreement, the Managing Director of Northern Gulf Trading Group and Arabian Eastern Group Raed Turjuman said: “We are very proud of becoming the Only Distributor of Hyundai heavy & Construction Equipment in Kuwait and of the expansion of our agency portfolio in Kuwait and proud of providing our clients with various options and services as to ensure high client satisfaction. The fulfillment of their requirements is on the top of our priorities”.

Turjuman stressed “This promising partnership between Hyundai Heavy Industries and Arabian Eastern Group is based on the success of Northern Gulf Trading Group in the local Kuwaiti market and the continuous support from Hyundai Group which is the largest industrial and economic entity in South Korea and one of the largest entities in the world”. Turjuman pointed out “With this step, Hyundai heavy & Construction Equipment are now listed as Hyundai’s products under Northern Gulf Trading Group as agency in Kuwait in addition to Hyundai cars, busses & trucks”.

Turjuman also assured that “Hyundai Heavy Industries and Arabian Eastern Group shall work hard to provide high quality products and services at competitive prices to the local market”. Turjuman stated “The new partnership with Hyundai Heavy Industries has granted Arabian Eastern Group the right to sell and service Hyundai Equipment of different categories and sizes. The Group shall provide all facilities in Kuwait including specialized service centers and showrooms as well as service engineers, technical and technological support team and spare parts outlets”.

On his part, the regional manager of Hyundai Heavy Industries in the Middle East Tony Cho stated “Since its incorporation in 1970s, the Corporation has set out to provide high quality products giving its clients new values and since then, the Corporation has achieved steady growth to become one of the largest shipbuilders and manufacturers of construction equipment in the world”. Cho pointed out “In 1985, Hyundai Heavy Industries made its first step in the field of heavy equipment and Equipment industry”. “The company is now developing and manufacturing extensive collection of practical, durable, efficient and heavy duty construction Equipment”

In line with the agreement with Arabian Eastern Group, Cho said “We largely depend on this partnership with Northern Gulf Trading Group, in particular Arabian Eastern Group where we found the sought capabilities, experience and more. We concluded that they would be our best partner to represent our trademark in Kuwait. We firmly believe that the correctness of our choice would be clearly proved within standard time and that our mutual cooperation and partnership will be the mark of several successes for both parties”.

Arabian Eastern Group also holds the Agency of Paccar Corporation, the famous manufacturer of US Kenworth trucks which used in petroleum exploration and services on the Kuwaiti territories and deserts.
Northern Gulf Trading Group is still distinguished as one of the most prominent regional agents of Hyundai Motor Vehicles and trucks in the Middle East and North Africa region. Northern Gulf Trading Group has recently been awarded Distributor of the Year Award from the mother company Hyundai in recognition of the successful strategies in accordance with high standards applied by Hyundai Motor in this regard including sales growth, new services, marketing activities, customer service, showroom development, service centers, optimal senior management in addition to application of world standard specifications applied by Hyundai.

Northern Gulf Trading Group has scored the highest scores in these standards, adding new world achievement to the list of its achievements as one of the most growing vehicle companies in the Kuwaiti market. In 2012, Northern Gulf Trading Group managed to achieve the highest sales growth rate amongst Hyundai agents in the Middle East region. In 2013, the company has posted record sales growth in comparison with 2012.  The company has posted record increase of its market share up to 9%, at the third position in terms of gross sales according to the reports of Middle East Automotive Companies Association.

Northern Gulf Trading Group applied over the last few years’ comprehensive development strategy starting with modern and revolutionary design of its main showrooms and transformation of its service and maintenance center where each vehicle receives special attention and detailed diagnosis and the client receives complete service. The company has purchased large plot of land on which it will build the latest and largest service and maintenance center for after sales service for Hyundai Vehicles, trucks and Construction equipment in the world with space of 57,000 sq. m.

Thanks to these measures, Hyundai Kuwait has achieved high rate of customer satisfaction as evident from the increase of its sales and its share of the general market. Northern Gulf Trading Group continues its embracement and promotion of Hyundai unified identity and its commitment to build up the Brand name of this international corporation as evident from its fulfillment of world standards in terms of development of showrooms and service facilities as well as fulfillment of Hyundai philosophy of placing customer needs on top of its priorities before & after sale in addition to its efficient participation in all local activities over social media and continuous development of its website to contribute to the consolidation of Hyundai’s image and reputation as a trademark that has managed over short time to compete against the most established Automotive and Heavy equipment companies.

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