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Blood of innocents to haunt Nasrallah

To the terrorist Hassan Nasrallah, Unleash terrorism against the terrorists. Today you may realize the truth about this reality because every time you breathe fresh air you see the blood of innocent people flowing on the streets of southern suburbs of Beirut. It looks as if this blood quenches your thirst and somewhere within you there is a desire to kill more and more. As you dip your fingers to taste the blood of innocent Syrians, the punishment is forthcoming from Allah the Almighty because He always pities the innocent people. So shall it be and let the tyrants kill the tyrants in revenge.

After planting the seeds of hatred and random murder not only in Lebanon and Syria but several other places ordinary people have become victims of booby-trapped cars and explosives-laden suicide vans in areas which are under your control - the areas you have wrested control of with weapons and threats. You are holding the peoples of these areas hostage by using them as human shields in the name of the so-called ‘resistance’. Although you have pledged to protect them you cast them into fury of death where murder and torture have become the order of the day.

Eight years ago, you committed the crime of the ‘age’. Today you are being tried by a court in The Hague - the court where your threats have no place, and where pressure tactics don’t work. This is a place where nobody can influence the judges or the public prosecutors to bail out blood thirsty persons and their guardians. Today, you are also being tried by your counterparts for committing acts of terrorism — the counterparts who were drinking from the same quagmire of malice from which you drank until the heeltap. People like you neither hear the moans of ‘ill-fated’ people nor the cries of bereaved mothers or the wails of the orphaned children because your selfishness has made you deaf.

Therefore, the burning of the human flesh is like perfume to your nostrils and the wailing sounds music to your ears. You no longer care if people lose all their money. What interests you is their blood and misery. You feel they are fortunate to live under the roof of your arrogance - you, who has given them the false belief that you are their guardian. Based on this false belief they willingly jumped into the burning furnace (war with Israel) and at other times blind faith in you pushed them to fight their families as it happened on May 7, 2008.

Yet, another third time you sent their sons to Syria to fight those with whom you not only shared meals, but lived under one roof during hard times. So, what remains in terms of lethal deeds that you have not committed against those innocent people? You claim that you dispatched your fighters to The Levant to deter acts of terrorism. Lebanon, at that time was nowhere near areas where suicide bombers who speak the sectarian language killed people. So, what did you achieve? Now, the booby-trapped cars are everywhere and suicide-bombers are striking at people inside their houses.

Lebanon is slowly slipping into sectarian abyss whose flame will burn for several centuries. Where is your protective hand? Is this the end of the war which you initiated allegedly to deter terrorism? You have brought terrorism to the doors of those whom you consider ‘the most honorary people’. Do these people have to pay this price? In 2006 you briefly described the torture of people and the destruction caused by you. You nicely put it saying ‘If I knew how Israel would react, I would not wage this war’.

Will you repeat the same speech in front of the survivors who have escaped death at the hands of terrorists? Will you tell them ‘If I knew that so and so will take place, I would not send ‘my’ fighters to Syria’? Your theory of self-security has collapsed. It has become a curse on the sons of the southern suburbs and several other areas of Lebanon areas. How do you react to this? You, who dwell in the alleyways, will one day die at the hands of the terrorists who at one time were your accomplices. They will soon find your den. Didn’t you ever hear the proverb ‘The killer will be killed sooner than later? Think about it!

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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