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‘Contract breached, return company property’ Refund Kuwaiti’s cash: court

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 22: The Commercial Section in the Court of Cassation has instructed a general trading and contracting company to refund KD185,000 to a Kuwaiti man who, in turn, should return the property — restaurant and café — to the company due to breach of agreement. According to the plaintiff’s lawyer — Attorney Yousef Hussein, the company sold the property and license through transfer of ownership to his client under the name ‘restaurant and café’.

However, the man was surprised when the Kuwait Municipality officials approached him later; stating the authorized space for the business was smaller than the agreed area. He then realized the Municipality and the company reached an agreement to ignore the usage of the expanded space without informing him. Hussein revealed his client paid KD 240,000 for the commercial license, restaurant and the entire space; yet the Municipality shut down the business due to failure to comply with the authorized space. He argued both parties have agreed that the contract will be declared null and void if the first party breached his part of the commitments; thereby, hindering the activities of the second party.

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