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‘Govt lacking will to solve housing issue’ ‘Involve private firms, cut red tape’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 22: Real estate expert and brain behind the idea of solving housing issue in Kuwait through the proposed “ A l - A d n a n i y a h Governorate” project Dr Adnan Al-Saleh has said the initiative is ideal to solve housing problem the country has been facing for nearly four decades, reports Al- Seyassah daily. Dr Al-Saleh promised to exert maximum efforts to present the initiative to the concerned authorities for practical implementation. He disclosed that law issued since 2010 stipulates the government represented by Public Authority for Housing Welfare must construct 200,000 housing units within a specific period to overcome the problem.

He noted the housing authority and other relevant institutes are no longer capable of surmounting the problem alone, and that housing applications have risen beyond 107,000. He explained that the applicants will wait for 20 years and beyond to be allocated suitable accommodations. He said the same law mandates the State to build cities through the establishment of public companies that could handle the projects. He is disappointed that the government has been ignoring the law for more than three years by dumping it under the desk. He pointed out that it is impossible for the ministries and agencies to solve housing problem without involving private companies, considering unnecessary bureaucracies that always slow down such procedures. He concluded, “Kuwait has every prerequisite for constructing residential cities needed, because the country has enough land, financial capabilities and companies to execute the projects. The only missing link is firm decision to begin execution of the project, which is realizable in the shortest possible period.”

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