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Renwal of Daughters Family visa ( Above 18 years)

I would like to renew my daughter’s family visa. Both my wife and daughter have been on family visas since 2004.

My daughter is now 22 years old and unmarried. What is the procedure and the documentation required to renew my daughter’s family visa.

Name withheld

Answer: You shouldn’t have any difficulty in renewing the dependent residence of either your wife or your daughter as it is just a routine procedure. Just go to the Immigration Department office in your area and fill up an application for the person whose residence you wish to renew.

All you need to do is attach to the application a copy of your daughter’s Civil ID and also of your Civil ID and that of your wife (you may be required to show the original IDs on submission of the application), a copy of your work permit, copy of the rental agreement and a copy of your daughter’s passport.

Just submit the application along with revenue stamps of KD 10 for each year of residence that you require and you will within a very short time (in fact while you are waiting) get the residence stamped on your daughter’s passport, which you should not forget to take to the Immigration Department with you.

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