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Brotherhood Satan in Egypt Paradise

SINCE Egypt is the cornerstone of the Arab world, all eyes are on Cairo. The Arabs from across the oceans to the Gulf held their breath when the ‘Brotherhood’ movement stole the limelight on Jan 25 through a revolution. The Arabs were worried when the group conspired in collusion with the United States of America to steal power by forging the results of presidential elections. Yet, the Arabs, not only breathe free air now following the June 30 revolution, they are also certain that their future is not controlled by a group which for several decades has been pursuing the dream of dominating the ‘paradise’ and establishing the so-called ‘Caliphate Nation’.

Those who have read the ‘Brotherhood’ movement literature will not find it difficult to discover similarities between the movement and the ‘Mullah’ regime in Tehran — the regime that had enabled a group of liars and thieves to control the country’s resources and fortunes. This is in addition to controlling the minds of the people and portraying themselves as messengers of Allah the Almighty, on earth. Therefore, it was not strange to see the Brotherhood opening the gates of Egypt to the followers of this regime when they came to power riding on the back of forgery.

Accordingly, the celebrations to mark the Jan 25 revolution necessitates reconsideration for the very fact Egypt has been salvaged from the claws of Brotherhood members who have gone on record for saying openly ‘Either we rule Egypt or let loose hell’. This day is a black spot on the history of Egypt tinted with the malice of Brotherhood. This is no day to celebrate Egypt’s freedom. Therefore, the true celebrations must be held on June 30, the day Egypt revolted with all bravery to destroy the tunnels of lies and forgery which were built with assistance from the United States of America and Israel — a replica of what is currently happening in Iraq, Somalia, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Lebanon and Syria.

We do not exaggerate when we say the Egyptian Army is not planning either to grab power or benefit from the situation although some suspicious circles who were the cause of bloodshed in Egypt are trying to depict this scenario. The Egyptian Army is busy protecting its internal faÁade to fortify its defense line on the border. Therefore, it did not hesitate to answer the call of millions of Egyptians who had occupied public squares seeking solace from the cancer which had afflicted them, and which if was allowed to spread unchecked would make Egypt a member of Arab countries which are slowly but surely sinking into the abyss of civil wars.

This army of people not only toppled the rule of terrorist Morshid but also poured cold water on attempts of Washington and Tel Aviv to back the group of liars and destroyers in the name of reconciliation. They took to the squares in millions unmindful of the slogans shouted by the Brotherhood members wearing the cloak of false legality.

The Brotherhood members tried in vain to bring back Morsi to rule Egypt during the transitional phase. Yet, the Egyptians realized that any condescension given to Brotherhood would unleash a hell of torture under the slogan of ‘Allahu Akbar’ — the same slogan shouted by terrorists when they kill the sons of the soil as witnessed in several Arab countries. Yes, today the Brotherhood members are practicing terrorism against the Egyptians with explosives, causing murder and destruction. These heinous activities will not turn back the hands of the clock. After the June 30 revolution, the dream of this gang to rule Egypt is like Satan dreaming of entering Paradise.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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