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‘Name persons who okayed $100m payment in Dow deal’ 12m budget OK’d for 9 hospitals maintenance

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 21: MP Safa Al-Hashim has threatened to grill HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah if he refuses to reveal the names of the individual who agreed to the condition of $100 million payment during negotiations on the Dow Chemical project and the individual who ordered the payment of the fine to the Dow Chemical Company, reports Alam Alyawm daily. In a press release, she said she has prepared a query to submit to the Prime Minister through which she will ask him for the names of the abovementioned individuals.

She explained that he will face grilling if he refuses to personally disclose the names of the two individuals even if the information is revealed by the State Minister for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdullah.

When asked about when she will submit the grilling request, MP Al-Hashim said she will wait until the end of the legal period. In another development, the Council of Ministers has approved a budget of KD 12 million for the maintenance and renovation of nine public hospitals.

Sources said this is part of the new five-year plan of the country; disclosing the plan includes the construction of new hospitals and specialized centers, as well as the transformation of some clinics into specialized centers in a bid to reduce crowds in existing medical institutions and to shorten the waiting period for patients. On the State Audit Bureau’s decision to reject the Jaber Bridge project and the proposed alternatives, sources said the council promised to look into the bureau’s reasons for rejecting the project and find appropriate solutions to the problem.

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