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Want to get married again but I am pregnant

I have been divorced by my husband and have completed “Iddah”(the waiting period) of three months. My husband has already remarried and I am also planning to do so immediately. But I am pregnant and as I am a Muslim my friends tell me I can’t marry and have to wait.

Could you please tell me whether this is true and, if so, how long do I have to wait. And secondly what are the exact waiting periods in such a case for a divorced woman and that for a widow. Are these different.

Name withheld

Answer: Your friends are right. As long as you are pregnant after a divorce you can’t marry in Islam although the man can do so immediately regardless of the circumstances.

In such a case you have to wait until the delivery of the child because the “Iddah”(waiting period) in such cases becomes nine months or until the termination of the pregnancy.

So, you just have to wait a few months more i.e. until the baby is born and then all the restrictions are lifted. And lastly, the waiting periods for divorced women and widowed women are different.

While the waiting period for a divorced woman is three months as we have mentioned above, a widow has a waiting period of four months and 10 days.

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