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Nasrallah, mulberry leaves ‘have fallen’

HOW can Hassan Nasrallah have the courage to appear in the media and in front of the people after The Hague scandalized him?  How will he confront the world now that his magic is spoiled?  For years, the charlatan tried to escape from the curse of the blood of President Martyr Rafiq Al-Hariri and his companions; yet, the fact was revealed clearly to the entire world without any suspicion or doubt. Today, Nasrallah and his followers are facing their judicial destiny.  Slogans have become useless because the pieces of evidence point to the murderers directly without any preface.  Does the dweller of dens think The Hague is an Israeli court, which conspires against him and that the resistance will erase from people’s minds what was displayed on the TV screens of The Hague’s hall regarding Lebanon?  It is not a seminar or festival of rhetoric to ‘break’ the minds.

If the mask of resistance was removed from the face of ‘Hezb Al-Silah’ on May 7, 2009; The Hague stripped it of the remaining illusions to hide after committing various crimes like assassinations and bombings, during which hundreds of Lebanese from different groups were killed in cold blood.  Does Nasrallah still think he can hide from the scandal by raising some slogans?  Does he still imagine he can impose his will on the people through insults or threats? The identity of the murderer has been exposed.  This is followed by a period of denying what has been published in the media, claiming it is unfounded information.  The pieces of evidence have not only scandalized Nasrallah, but also those who supported him and took part in committing a crime in order to drag Lebanon into the Iranian stable.

Today, the speech is true.  The era of escaping from punishment ended.  If the purpose of any court is to punish a culprit in order to deter others, the issue here is different because the punishment is not for persons - five or 10 people; it is a matter of rescuing a country from sectarian chaos which Lebanon can no longer tolerate especially since the sparks of chaos might spread to the entire region. The image of assassinating President Martyr Rafiq Al-Hariri and his companions presented by the prosecutor in The Hague is not the idea of some persons.  It reflects an operation that can be carried out only by countries, intelligence systems and powers; which experienced bombings, murders and massacres.  The Hezbollah is a professional in the field and it has been known in this domain since 1983 when it began kidnapping and murdering Lebanese thinkers and media practitioners. It developed later to reach the level of explosions to kill the largest possible number of innocent people.

In line with the criminal and bloody history of the party, its attempts to mislead and fabricate pleas and scenarios to move justice away from the right path will fail.  Today, it is being chased politically and legally; as the mirage of lies has no place in the time of truth because these lies can only deceive those who launched them and the ‘blind-minded’ people. The trial has begun for the suspects in a crime that shook Lebanon, as well as the Arab and Islamic World.  These suspects did not commit the crime for amusement.  They committed it in compliance with the instructions given by the leadership of a party to which they belong. 

This party possesses the weapon and equipment for murder.  Its groups move under the guise of resistance and protecting the internal bloc from Israel’s agents.  It is now clear that the party has been closely monitoring those who oppose its murder plans. This is the true image of the group of murder which was uncovered in The Hague.  What will the leader of this group tell the Muslims when they ask him how could a person who quoted part of a verse from the Holy Qur’an and named himself after it allowed himself to kill - an act prohibited by Allah, the Almighty?  Does Nasrallah think that he has become the judge of heaven on earth?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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