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Company refusing to transfer residency

I have been working in a company for about 6 years. I joined the company on a local transfer. Now I am getting a good offer from another company but my current sponsor says we have an agreement (tie-up) mutually with the company which implies that none of the employees can work for another company. They are as such refusing to transfer my residency. Is this correct? What can I do?

Name withheld
The company is totally wrong on this issue and can’t stop you from transferring to another firm, especially if you joined this firm on a local transfer. Secondly, if there is such a mention in your contract — which is very unlikely — it will only be about joining a similar company for a certain period of time (not more than one or two years, especially where two firms are competitors and your knowledge of your current firm can help the rivals).

There can be no blanket ban on transferring to another company because there is no law which allows such an action. You should immediately file a complaint with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor through the Labor Office in your area. The Ministry will ensure that you get your release and if your current employer still refuses to give you the same, the Ministry itself will sanction it.


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