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‘Appeals’ revokes adm decision by military academy to suspend cadet

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 18: The administration circle of the Appeals Court revoked an administrative decision issued by Ali Al- Sabah Military Academy on Dec 5, 2012, suspending a cadet and barring him from continuing the naval forces training. According to the case file, lawyer representing the cadet Sayer Al-Lahwu appealed the academy’s decision and stated that his client had enrolled in Ali Al-Sabah Military Academy after successfully passing all necessary requirements and physical tests.

He explained the cadet had fainted brief on just one occasion and underwent several medical checks-up again to make sure he is fit to join the military, and all medical reports certify that his client is fit in all aspects to continue with his military training. The lawyer argued that the academy’s administration decided to dismiss the cadet despite the medical reports issued in this regard, so the court revoked the administrative decision issued by the academy and obliged Defense Ministry Undersecretary, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, and the Director of Ali Al-Sabah Military Academy to pay the legal expenditure of the case.

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