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Why stress cardiac MRI essential? Images Diagnostic Center holds press confab

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 18: With the aim of spreading awareness about the importance of stress cardiac MRI, Images Diagnostic Center in collaboration with General Electric held a press conference under the theme of “Why Stress Cardiac MRI is essential” during a presentation held by specialized professors from the University of Hospitals Group of Paris where they stressed on the importance of Stress Cardiac MRI, which is a test that creates detailed images of your heart and blood vessels in order to check the blood flow to the heart. It helps doctors study the structure and function of heart muscle, which can lead to uncovering the cause of a patient’s heart failure or in identifying the specific location of tissue damage due to a heart attack.

Being the pioneer in providing the latest services, Images Diagnostic Center is the only entity that offers the stress cardiac MRI scan in Kuwait, in this context the Vice- President of Diagnostic Imaging Department, Advanced Technology Company Nidal Farhat commented: “GE Optima 450w along with Cardiac Report Card both offer an advanced and detailed scan of the heart and its functions, it creates both still and moving pictures of the heart and major blood vessels. Doctors use cardiac MRI to get pictures of the beating heart and to look at its structure and function. These pictures can help doctors decide the best way to treat people who have heart problems”. During the press conference Dr Yahya Sulaiman, Radiology Consultant at Images Diagnostic Center pointed out: “This service comes in assurance from the center in offering cutting edge technologies and high end services in providing healthcare and treatment for all heart patients.”

He also added: “Images Diagnostic Center seeks in providing heart diagnostic procedures and services that are parallel to the international standards which reflect what the center has accomplished in this field on an international level”. By a team of professors and experts a complete presentation was conducted to explain in details the procedure and how safe it is, since it does not use X-rays and patients are not exposed to any radiation, moreover the doctor and the cardiac specialist at “Images” are in constant touch with the patient during the procedure, giving them the chance to give a step by step explanation. Also in case of stress or phobia from closed areas the patient is given a medicine to relax in order to offer stress free and a pleasant experience as much as possible.

Prof Laurent Macron — specialized in Cardiac Imaging in Georges Pompidou, European University Hospital in Paris (APHP) explained that Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (cardiac MRI or CMR) is a valuable tool that produces detailed images of the beating heart. This completely noninvasive test helps doctors study the structure and function of heart muscle. It also gives precise assessment to the functions of the ventricles and heart valves. As well as shunt function, myocardial perfusion, viability and scarring along with vasculature angiography of the pulmonary and systemic, all this with the use of ionizing radiation.

The professor also continued that the initial diagnostic scans for patients are electrocardiogram or echocardiogram, however cardiac magnetic resonance imaging is essential when results are not clear or sufficient and require more detailed diagnose for proper treatment plan. At last, an explanation about the reasons of why should a patient consider stress cardiac MRI was raised, when alternatives are not sufficient enough such as cardiac stress echocardiogram, stress electrocardiogram, nuclear stress test, cardiac catheterization/angiogram and CT scan of the blood vessels that feed the heart before considering conducting any procedure like revascularization or Aortic and pulmonary angiography for aneurysms/dissection.

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