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More expats marry annually - Weddings hike rent of flats

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 17: More than 10,000 marriages are held among the expatriates annually in Kuwait while only 8,000 marriages are held among citizens, reports Al-Anba daily. The numbers are apparently important for the real-estate owners as it indicates the situation of the housing market because increase in the number of marriages leads to increase in the demands for houses or lands for constructing houses.

The increasing number of demands for housing in turn leads to an increase in the prices of lands and houses. Since there are more than 108,000 demands for housing, it means a couple has to wait for 20 years to receive a house from the government or they have to buy the land for building a house, which is not easy for the middle class people in Kuwait.

Meanwhile, increasing number of divorces also leads to increase in the demands for housing because a separated couple looks for two different houses or apartments, which in turn increases the prices of land and apartments

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